Event Management Software market Trends, Outlook, Overview and 2022 Forecast

The Event Management Software Market statistical report, published by Market Research Future contains succinct information on the Event Management Software market, segmented by applications (Corporate, Education, Association, Government, and Others) and forecast from 2016-2022. The growing adoption of cloud platform among industries and corporates, and the increase in the number of smartphone users are driving the event management software market.

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The event management software has a wide range of applications which are broadly categorized as corporates, education, association, government and others. Corporates, among all application segments, is the highest beneficiary market, due to the high number of corporate events each year. Every company conducts seminars, conferences, or trade shows to increase its market presence and thus has requirement of such an event management software.

US & Canada Beta Glucan Industry Trends and Global 2027 Foresight

Market Scenario

US & Canada Beta Glucan market will register the CAGR of more than 6.1% during the forecast period.

Developing interest for nutraceutical and functional product is found in the most recent decade. This happened because of quick way of life and idea of curing illness through food. Individuals everywhere throughout the world have a mission for new choices and idea of functional ingredients fulfill their dietary needs as these positively affect metabolic parameters and eventually supportive in diseases, for example, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Beta Glucan is a significant functional ingredient that has various medical advantages. Its part in controlling hyperlipedemia and hyperglycemia is unprecedented.

Air Handling Unit Industry Trends and Global Foresight to 2022

Market Synopsis of Air Handling Units:

Market Scenario

Air Handling Unit is an integral part of a HVAC system, and is responsible for air circulation & regulation in the system. Significant commercial and residential infrastructural activities undertaken in developing nations is inducing demand in the Air Handling Unit Market. Air Handling Unit Market is expected to register a CAGR of about 6-8% during the forecast period.

 Market Segmentation of Air Handling Unit Market:
The Air Handling Unit Market can be segmented as:

  • On the basis ofEffect: Single Effect and Double Effect.
  • On the basis ofCapacity: Up to 5000m3/hr, 5000m3/hr – 15000m3/hr, and above 15000m3/hr.

Substation Batteries market Trends, Outlook, Overview and 2021 Forecast

 Market Synopsis of Substation Batteries

Market Scenario

Substation batteries maintain a steady supply of electricity for essential equipment incase of loss of electric supply. Ever increasing need electricity is a major factor driving the need for substation batteries. Additionally, rising industrialization in developing nations also boost the demand for substation batteries.

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The Substation Batteries Market can be categorized on the basis of Type: Lead Acid Batteries (Vented Batteries, Sealed Batteries) and Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

Key players
Key players in this market include:

  • Johnson Controls Inc. (U.S.),

Disconnect Switch market: Global Survey, Trends, Outlook, Overview and 2027 Forecast

Market Synopsis of Disconnect Switch

Market Scenario

Rapid industrialization in the Asia-Pacific region mainly in the India and China region has massively contributed to the growth of the Disconnect Switch market. Non-Fused type disconnect switches have been gaining popularity owing to the fact that it doesn’t require any additional fuse protection. Its market is expected to grow at a comparatively fast pace as that for fused type switches. The Disconnect Switch Market is expected to register a CAGR of about 6-7% in the forecast period.

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Probiotic market Trends, Outlook, Overview and 2027 Forecast

Synopsis of Probiotic market

Market Scenario

Probiotic Market is increasing due to growing health awareness worldwide, rising population and disposable income has boosted the demand for Probiotic in recent years. The market in Asia Pacific is growing steadily. Moreover, the market for Probiotic is expected to witness considerable growth over the coming years In US and Europe.  Hence the market for Probiotic is expected to grow over the period of 2016 – 2027.

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The market for Global Probiotic is segmented in mainly three parts i.e. by type, by application, by end-use and its various sub-segments;

Structural Core Materials Market – Global Industry Analysis 2024 | TMR

Structural Core Materials Market: Overview

Structural core materials are incorporated into composite materials, which are used on a large scale in construction, automotive, civil infrastructure, aircraft, military, and corrosion-resistant equipment industries. A composite material is made by combining two or more materials with different properties. Composites are classified into three types: particle-reinforced composites, fiber-reinforced composites, and structural composites. Structural composites are further classified into two types: laminates and sandwich panels. A sandwich panel is a kind of layered composite with faces and core.

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Tris Nonylphenyl Phosphite Market – Global Industry Analysis 2024

Tris Nonylphenyl Phosphite Market: Overview

Tris nonylphenyl phosphite (TNPP) is a water soluble viscous liquid. Its physical appearance is colorless to pale yellow. TNPP has chemical formula of C45H69O3P. It is moisture sensitive as well as combustible. TNPP releases irritating or toxic fumes (or gases) upon catching fire. It produces various phosphorus oxides forms upon combustion. Person should avoid all contact with TNPP.

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TNPP is primarily employed as heat stabilizer for polymer processing, especially for polyvinylchloride and un-vulcanized rubbers. It is a phenolic antioxidant, which is also used in the manufacture of polyethylene resin. Furthermore, it is employed to maintain performance integrity, color stability, and processing stability of ABS, polycarbonate, polyolefins, and vulcanized rubber.

Bonding Adhesives Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth 2024

Bonding Adhesives Market: Overview

Bonding adhesives are employed to stick two surfaces by producing a smooth bond between the surfaces to be joined. The technique involved in joining the surfaces makes use of epoxies, glues, or plastic agents that help in bonding. The process of bonding is associated with evaporation of the solvent or curing of the bonding agent by applying the pressure or heat.

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