Compression Technology utilizes by Torr

Torr is Bringing compression technology to dress socks to help you live a better, more active, healthier, and stylish lifestyle. Torr compression Socks &Women’s Travel Socks trending in the market.

Now a days Compression &Women’s travelling Socks are very much trendy in the market. Socks are a specialized hosiery designed to help prevent the occurrence of, and guard against further progression of, venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis and thrombosis.

Products of Torr

You have heard the doctors warning about how sitting too long – whether on an airplane, in a car, or at home – can lead to dangerous blood clots. Reduce the risk by wearing these gradient compression (15-20mmHg) hose, which “squeezes” more at the ankle then gradually lessens pressure up the calf, helping blood return to the heart for better circulation. Wear also to relieve the pain of varicose veins and reduce swelling in feet, ankles, and legs. Made by Jobst, experts in support history for over half a century. 75% nylon, 25% elasthan/spandex. Machine wash and dry.

Updates on your Socks

Quality: Designed by nurses. FDA registered with 20+ years of medical garment manufacturing experience.

Easier to Wear: Larger openings to make pulling on our socks easier.

Comfy: Non-irritating toe seams and loose toe boxes that never squish toes.

Awesome Designs: The first fashion-conscious compression socks in the world!

Women’s Compression Socks come in a variety of styles and brands so that there is a stockings for almost every women. Choose from a wide selection of knee high thigh high compression socks as well as pantyhose and maternity pantyhose.

When selecting your women’s compression socks you may take a few things into consideration. First, determine what length you need. Knee high compression socks are ideal for managing tired, achy claves. If you need compression that extends higher up the leg, try a thigh-high compression stocking or a pantyhose.

Women’s Compression Socks for Travel

Whether it’s by plane, car or bus, travelling has become a constant factor in our lives, but so has the pain in our feet and legs after long trips. This is especially true for women who might be travelling while pregnant. Fortunately, travel compression socks for women can help alleviate some of that pain, making trips more comfortable and preventing dangerous venous complications. Below, we have picked out a few of our favorite women’s travel socks that would be perfect for your next flight.

About Torr

Torr is an all-new, fashion-forward performance-inspired compression dress sock brand. Being on your feet all day and trying to stay in game no longer has to be an uncomfortable experience, thanks to Torr’s all new compression men’s and women’s socks, which is helps prevent leg swelling and to a lesser extent, blood clots. Browse though and grab it most stylish and healthy socks with lots of color that looks fantastic.

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