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Thousand Oaks, California- What happens when the air conditioning system produces no cool air? You and your family are uncomfortable, and in some cases a broken air conditioner can be dangerous. Airmax Experts ( Thousand Oaks, California explains that small children and elderly can pay a hard price for a broken air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units need to be maintained yearly in order to maintain proper performance. With proper maintenance the air conditioner and the heating equipment will work efficiently and will be dependable for many years to come. With a few routine procedures that professionals can do, you will ensure the comfort and safety of you and your family.

Air conditioning units consume a very large portion of the monthly energy bill and proper maintenance will impact the bill. The air conditions will lose five percent of its efficiency yearly if it goes without professional maintenance. Systems that are operating at its peak efficiency can cut the monthly power bill down by up to 25 percent. Proper yearly maintenance will effectively double the lifespan of the cooling system, as well as the heating system. Airmax Experts Thousand Oaks, California can provide these services to you.

Many of the risks on health are associated with poor quality of air and it can be greatly reduced or even eliminated with the proper system installation, along with proper maintenance. Most people can recover the efficiency through maintenance and serves from a professional company like Airmax Experts Thousand Oaks, California. With regular maintenance the unit will keep up to as much as 96 percent of the original efficiency. Also, an air conditioning unit that is working at its full capacity can keep the home more comfortably by offering the control of humidity and maximizing the coolness.

If you are wondering what yearly maintenance you need for your unit, then here is the answer. Every unit needs a refrigerant charge. This is a crucial part of keeping your home cool and hiring a good air conditioning repair company is important. They will also check the electrical readings, the air flow, lubrication, the fan motors, thermostat, and even the air filters. Other things like condensed airflow and fan relay issues will cause the unit to blow out warmer air than it is supposed too. It can even keep the unit from working at all. In order to keep your unt in good repair, then it is important to hire professionals right away. A bonus of maintenance is a lowered energy bill.

About Airmax Experts
Airmax Experts ( offers expert staff that is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They also only carry the highest quality of heating and air conditioning brands. They strive to stay up to date on new technologies and are certified. They serve those in the areas of Moorpark, Calabasas, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Agoura Hills. They will be glad to meet with you and discuss issues or maintenance. Keep in mind that it is important to keep your unit in good repair.
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