Multifunctional Measurement in Ducts and At Outlets with Testo Measuring Instruments

Record multiple VAC parameters – not just flow velocity.

With our multifunction measuring instruments, you measure with the highest level of flexibility on air conditioning and ventilation systems. Because at Testo, you find the right probe for every measurement task. Use the maximum freedom of combination, and connect widely differing probes to your testo 480 or testo 435: e.g. thermal anemometers, vane anemometers or Pitot tubes. In addition to flow velocity, volume flow, temperature and humidity, with our multifunction instruments you can measure absolute and differential pressure, light intensity, radiated heat, degree of turbulence and CO2 concentration with a single instrument.



The multi-function VAC measuring instrument testo 435-4

The testo 435-4 works efficiently and reliably, without needing any complicated prior programming:

  • Fast duct measurement with at the touch of only one button
  • Integrated differential pressure measurement for monitoring filters or for flow velocity measurement with a Pitot tube
  • Flexibility thanks to wireless probes for temperature and humidity
  • Includes PC software for analyzing and documenting the readings


Combine the testo 435-4 with these probes:

Vane probe Ø 16 mm (0635 9535) (0.6 to 40 m/s)

With 890 mm telescope, also suitable for measurements on larger ventilation ducts. Automatic calculation of volume flow.

Hot wire probe Ø 12 mm (0635 1535) (0 to 20 m/s)

Measures flow velocity, temperature and humidity in ducts and at outlets. With 745 mm telescope.

Vane/temperature probe, Ø 100 mm (0635 9435) (0.3 to 20 m/s)

Ideal for the determination of volume flow and flow velocities at outlets. For measurement at plate outlets and ventilation grilles, we recommend the funnel set testovent 417.

Funnel set testovent 417 (0563 4170)

In combination with the vane probes 0635 9435 and 0635 9542, it allows accurate and convenient measurement at ventilation grilles and plate outlets.


The multi-function VAC measuring instrument testo 480

The testo 480 supports you in your work and in guaranteeing optimum indoor air quality, thanks to integrated guided measurement programs and practical additional functions:

  • Stored programs for the measurement of volume flow, degree of turbulence and comfort (PMV/PPD)
  • Norm-compliant adjustment of VAC systems thanks to automatic error calculation according to EN 12599
  • Convenient duct measurement: Immersion depth of the probe is automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Reliable work thanks to easily visible length markings on the telescope
  • Quick storage of the measurement values with the “Save” button built into the probe


Combine the testo 480 with these probes:

Vane probe Ø 16 mm (0635 9542) (0.6 to 50 m/s)

Ideal for the measurement of medium flow velocities in ducts. Also records volume flow and temperatures up to +70 °C. Comfortable working even at larger ducts thanks to 960 mm telescope.

Bendable hot wire probe (0635 1543) (0 to 20 m/s)

4 functions in one probe: Measures flow velocity, temperature, humidity and absolute pressure in ducts and at outlets with laminar flow. With a stable telescope up to 1100 mm for working on walls and ceilings.

Vane/temperature probe Ø 100 mm (0635 9343) (0.3 to 20 m/s)

Measures flow velocity, volume flow and temperatures up to +60 °C at outlets. With testovent 417, also suitable for measurements at plate outlets.


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