One million RMB for who gets to open this cylinder

During a latest Canton fair occasion, witnessed by thousands of professionals from more than 50 countries, a Chinese maker of cylinder for doors, as a way to educate the world of an unique hardware for doors, able to protect a house with 100% effectiveness, found this challenge for the one who had courage to attempt to open the cylinder.

José Duque, the CEO of IBMHCORP, was asked as an honorary member to observe this action. It is because Duque is considered among the most powerful and with highest and finest Know How in the field of door hardware.

Additionally, José Duque was only a guest less, because he also actively participated in the event, praising the merits of the cylinder for doors that was appearing at the event and bringing his vision about security systems for doors later on.

At the conclusion of his address, they were many people present only at that occasion who wanted to immortalize the second shaking his hand, so as CEO of IBMHCORP, you can find many professionals in this industry in China who recognize the international prestige and unique consideration the business has managed to get in the past couple of years.

At the conclusion of the event, many people praised personally José Duque, emphasizing the outstanding work done on the website

This website has been used by lots of people as helpful information to learn different types of their different uses and hardware, and is considered by many the finest in the sector. Get much more details about Cabinet Hardware

In reality, the most common remark was “I began thanks to the IBMHCORP website without knowing anything but in this business, I have not been unable to learn a lot about different types of their distinct uses and hardware.“

Owner and the Managing Director of the Chinese factory presenting at this occasion the cylinder for doors, appointed IBMHCORP as his partner to pick international firms which will be lucky to signify the cylinder in its marketplace destination.

Finally, we should add the resolution of what happened at the occasion: no one was able to open or tamper the cylinder, so the Chinese manufacturing company did not have to disburse one million RMB assured.

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