Switch to LED lights and save your Electricity Bill

It’s quite true that greatest costs in running any household and any commercial building is mainly about the electricity cost that is needed for power lighting. Many buildings consists the perfect combination of the halogen such as floodlights and down lights, fluorescent tubes, incandescent lights such as the general light bulbs and also other kinds of lighting. Great news is that these all can get replaced with the latest technology of Led Lighting with this saving of energy can be more than 60%, but the question is how?


LED that stands for the light emitting diode mainly is the latest kind of lighting which provides immense advantage to user and environment. The replacement bulbs of different kinds are now easily available and usually it fit right again into the socket since they are also removed. Unlike the conventional kind of lighting, the LED lights do not burn the filament inside bulb for their brightness. Such burning leads heat and also majority of energy that is used to power the traditional lights and it is wasted by generation of heat. Using the Solar LED lights for your house will also help you to save a good amount of your utility bills. Now, how will LED lights help the atmosphere and save the power bills. Let us have a look:


  1. LED helps to saves money as WATTAGE needs to make the light gets reduced. Specifically speaking, a bulb of 50-watt can now get replaced with the bulb model of 5-watt.
  2. LED also runs quite long, specifically about 50000 hrs and this also saves on the cost of maintenance and cost of replacement.
  3. Unplugging the standby power like the electronic appliances and computers that decreases the cost on energy.
  4. Dimmers also reduce the quantity of light that is produced.
  5. Moreover, task lighting also reduces the consumption of light what’s required, not in the complete area.
  6. The Replacement bulbs also are available for various light fixtures from the chandeliers and the streetlights.

Do latest energy-saving bulbs actually save energy?

The simplest thing to do is to get you in the habit for turning off the appliances as well as lights that are not in use. It really seems to be quite much obvious, rather you can also do an easy experiment of house for one single might. Are kids leaving lights as switch on when they are not in their room? Are they going to play out while TV also continues to stay on in living room?

When you are checking the usage of light, look at wattage of bulbs also that you use in lamps and in the overhead lights. But when you will switch to the LED and you will see that it go from the 50-watt of halogen bulb to the bulb of 5 or 7-watt with similar kind of light output. Hence, using the LED lights will assure about less usage of the electricity and thus it will help you to save a good amount of money.

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