Dr. Indira Ganeshan: Most Trusted Name For IVF Treatment

When you name top notch IVF doctors in Delhi, NCR, you are bound to find Dr. Indira Ganeshan in the list. She has known for successfully helping her patients with transparency and accuracy.

Undoubtedly Dr. Indira Ganeshan is one finest fertility experts in the country; having graduated from renowned Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi, she did her P.G in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjang Hospital. She received training in the field of Assisted Reproductive technique from Mumbai, Israel, UK. She has completed her Masters in Clinical Embryology from Leeds University, UK. Having wealth of expertise and Two decade of experience in treating infertility patients . The clinical knowledge combined with her deep understanding of the stress associated with the patient suffering from fertility issues and her empathetic nature has made her one of the well-known IVF doctors of the country.

Dr. Indira Ganeshan’ journey has been truly amazing. She worked with various Centre in India, she has decade of experience in designing IVF Centers. She has been instrumental in setting up of various well known IVF labs in the city.

When asked about advancements in fertility medicine and your take?

She smiled and said “IVF technology has evolved ever since the first IVF baby was born many decades ago. Lot of research is going on to find best sperm and embryos which can enhance fertility treatment. Egg freezing is another aspect which will certainly help women who has delay motherhood by choice or due to some unavoidable circumstance.”

She also added that” It is true that infertility is one of the major health concerns which effects psychological behavior as well; it requires proper attention, care and right way of treatment. There are gaps in awareness and setting a consistent protocol to help patients with quality solution with complete transparency.

Some of the most common causes of infertility include men having lower sperm count or in females having issues with endometriosis, blocked tubes or pelvic infections”

Get most effective & Affordable IVF treatment solution at IVF centre Delhi. For any issues or consultation on fertility or IVF solution meet one of the best fertility doctor in India, Dr. Indira Ganeshan. IVF treatment at Irene IVF centre Delhi is completely transparent, ethical and with proper confirmation with the couples.

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