Kids Fun in San Francisco Trip – Where to visit?

April 12, 2016, San Francisco –Here we bring you some of the best places in San Francisco that you can visit with your family especially with your kids. San Francisco is a great weekend getaway if you live nearby otherwise a one week trip is mandatory to enjoy the destination and its walking tours at its best.

  1. Pier 39.

If I am on holiday, I do not care about costs since I am local, but the shops are a little pricey for me. That said you should not prevent from window shopping or perhaps even splurging a little.

I would like to tell you my favorite spots to go there. They have a lot of options you are overwhelmed by it, but my favorite would be the dark chocolate caramel turtles. As I am walking around the pier, I love to eat them. It is possible for you to go in a little room plus the lighting on his pictures changes also it only takes my breath away. I like his work, and a few of the areas he is photographed are just elegant. A few of the places he is photographed I have never heard of before!

Most of the walking tours in san francisco include this particular destination as it is one of the major attraction.

  1. Fishermen’s Wharf can be found on the waterfront.

It used to be the base to the local fisherman. You are going to see still some boats although not nearly the amount of “fishing activities” in years gone by. Now it is mainly a huge tourist attraction that will help you spend your holiday cash. I think it is great, however! I cannot resist purchasing crab sandwich or a fresh crab cocktail. It is the most efficient and serves the freshest and most yummy seafood across the waterfront.

It is one of the most relished parts of San Francisco city tours that you would love to explore around while enjoying some special moments with your family.


  1. Watch chocolate being made at Ghirardelli Square!

You can head up the hill, after enjoying a picnic. It somewhat climbs to the very best of the hill – like mine did, your children will be most likely whine – however, you can bribe them using a piece of complimentary chocolate they’ ae always handing out at Ghirardelli Square right outside their shop.

Get your chocolate and catch your breath after which to go with the rear of the ice cream shop watching chocolate being made. This can be a great place to take a rest and revel in some ice cream that is wonderful.

  1. Street Performers along Fishermen’s Wharf

In case your children are tired and do not need to picnic at Aquatic Beach then you can plop them while they munch away and can purchase them lunch and forget their sore legs. I have viewed jazz players, break dancers, mimes, and musicians playing music to offer their CD. The kids will adore it so do not simply walk on by. Remember to stop and revel in this local flavor and their gifts.

In case you are a food aficionado then you can also enjoy San Francisco walking tour of Chinatown delicacies and can also get gift certificate san francisco from

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