Named the Best in Craft Beer This Year – SD Tap Room Makes the Top

San Diego, California – Craft beer bars are something that many come across from time to time, but when it comes to the best out there, not many have found a favorite. Named as one of the best bars for craft beer, the SD Tap Room ( has now been named one of the best places to get the craft beer of your choice, and enjoy every single sip that you take from it. Providing the most when it comes to choosing the high quality craft beer, you’re able to go to this room and request whatever it is that you want. This is because they keep many, if not all, of the choices right there whenever someone wants to try a sip of what they are requesting.

They have a strong service policy, allowing every customer to have a great time, but also to get the best services when they visit the bar. Unlike many others in the area, this is a place that offers so much more than just beer and laughing. You’re able to enjoy sports, food, good friends and great times. They have many scheduled events, and take part throughout the community, to show their support and ensure that they have a place when it comes to showing the residents, and even the visitors who they are and why they should stop by and try out some craft beer for themselves. This is a great way to get known.

With so much talk out there, it is no wonder they are rated as one of the best places to go to get the craft beer that is made to perfection. They serve the best in quality, ensure that the service is the best in quality and take care of each and every customer that comes in looking for a good time and good beer. Make sure that this is your destination, since Pacific Beach has made it theirs, and now you can find out just how great they really are when the time comes.

About SD Tap Room

The SD Tap Room, ( provides clients with a chance to experience some of the best craft beers from the area, and around the world. Providing many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, you’re able to come in for some sports and fun, a drink at the bar or even a sit down dinner when you’d like something perfectly crafted. The bar is providing space for everyone, no matter what they’re coming in for. Enjoy all that they have to provide, and try out their services. This is a place that cannot be beat when it comes to food, beer and service that is being provided.

TapRoom Phone: 858.274.1010
Office Phone: 858.523.8272
1269 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109


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