Serving A Complete Indian Meal Is Easy Now Thanks To The Papad Making Machines

Papad known as popadum in UK happens to be a great snack or accompaniment to an Indian meal. While the papad in its raw form is easily available throughout the country, few would disagree about the superlative taste of this very snack when prepared totally at home. This is no mean feat, however. Making the dough as well as adding the spices perfectly before rolling out each papad uniformly takes up hours. Well, time is of essence today that is slowly seeing the decline of homemade papads slowly and surely from the Indian kitchen. Sad but True!

There is no reason to lament this anymore though. Kirtiraj Equipment has come forward with an innovation in the form of papad making machines that is destined to cut short the time of the homemaker who is intent on serving papads to her family without any significant loss of quality. That is not all though. This papad making machine manufacturer has been serving several companies both big and small in India and across the globe too.

The food industry has thus benefited by installing a variety of papad making machines making the actual task of kneading the dough as well as mixing it with spices surprisingly simple. The papad sheet making machine along with the Electric papad drying machine have also been welcomed by the companies intent to gaining more from the papad making business. The automatic papad making machine is now a fixture everywhere from Sri Lanka to UK and USA and even in African nations of Tanzania and Kenya.

Kirtiraj Equipment, the papad making machine manufacturer has been around since 1983 and still believes in its motto of, “simplification and mechanization of papad making process.” The machines are therefore exceedingly easy to operate and require no special training. From a humble home maker to the most accomplished chef in the world, every single user has hailed the automatic papad making machine has a God sent opportunity that has seen them grow and shine in their respective fields as never before.

The customer is the king for the Anand, Gujarat based company and the new roti and puri making machines have been introduced by paying heed to the requirements of their customers.

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About the company: Kirtiraj Equipment is a company that manufactures world-class machinery that helps their customers in the hospitality industry prepare foods at high speeds.

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Company name: Kirtiraj Equipment

Contact person: Kirti Bhai

Address: Capital Compound, Loteshwar Bhagol, Near Petrol Pump, Anand – 380001, Gujarat, India



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