A good arbitrator & mediator will be able to help you find an alternative resolution to your issues

New York, New York – Going through the court system is often one of the most costly and time-consuming ways to resolve disputes, be they with former business partners or your clients. That is why non-traditional, alternative forms of dispute resolution have become increasingly popular in the modern age. However, to ensure you achieve the resolution that you are looking for, it is important that you work with an arbitrator & mediator who is able to stay impartial at all times and also understands the key differences between the process of arbitration and mediation so that they can offer the relevant service to all parties.

The key difference between them is that mediation is generally considered a non-binding process, whereas arbitration will reach a judgment that is considered legally-binding in the majority of cases.

Mediators will work with all involved, often speaking directly with them to help them to come to an amicable solution that works well for all involved. Arbitrators, on the other hand, often act in a similar fashion to judges, as they will hear evidence put forth by all parties who are involved in the dispute, allowing them to make decisions based on what they have heard. This more closely mirrors the courtroom procedure, though without many of the costs involved in the process.

If you are searching for a quality arbitrator & mediator who is able to offer either service, contact Steven A Certilman (http://www.certilman.com/) today to find out how he can help. He is able to apply more than thirty years of experience as a legal professional to work closely with all parties to help them to achieve the resolutions that allow them to move forwards, rather than focusing on what has gone before to the detriment of their businesses.

About Steven A. Certilman PC

Steven A. Certilman PC  (http://www.certilman.com/) is an attorney who is able to draw on more than thirty years of experience to help clients solve problems and resolve disputes. He aims to provide insightful and unbiased counsel to all parties and he specializes in both commercial and corporate issues, particularly in technological areas, such as information technology. He is capable of providing both arbitrator & mediator services to clients in the state of New York.

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