Tail Grabber offers Best Diving Accessories for Lobster Diver in Florida

Tail Grabber is one of the best places to get diving accessories for lobster diver in Florida. They offer various accessories such as dive stickers, dive suits, dive shirts etc. All their diving apparels are made up of first class quality materials which will last for many years.

Tail Grabber Shop

They sell wide range of products for divers that includes Lobster Diver dive sticker on board, Lobster diver dive sticker on decal, Rash Guard Scuba Dive Shirt, Dive suits etc. All their diving products are available at very reasonable price.

Dive Stickers

They offer tail grabber stickers for board, decal etc. The cost of sticker is very low and it is charged only 6 dollars. All their stickers are weather proof for the marine environment. They provide laminated, die cut vinyl decal for their customer. They offer sticker in the size of 10*3.

Dive Shirts

Tail grabber sells high quality shirts for divers at an affordable price. The cost of their shirt is only 25 dollars. Their shirts are made up of 100% polyester interlock, moisture wicking, stain release, odor resistant and ultra tight knit resists snagging. Their shirts are available in different size and colors. Their shirts have the capability of easily seem from the boat when lobster hunting.

Dive Checklist

In addition with selling diving accessories, they also offer checklist for divers to ensure that they don’t forget anything before go for lobster dive. Their checklist includes saltwater license, First aid kit, Dive Gear Repair kit, tickle stick, Catch bag, Gloves, Lobster Net, Dive computers, lights, cameras, spear gun, Regulator, tanks, spares of batteries, o-rings, fin straps and mask straps.

About Tail Grabber

Tail Grabber is the trusted online store that offers dive clothes and other diving accessories for lobster divers in Florida. All their lobster diving products are of high quality which will provide long life. Along with selling diving accessories they offer rules updates, checklist, plans of attack and everything for lobster hunting. Get to know more about their service on http://tailgrabber.com/

Address: 3401 Davie Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 845-371-1278

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