Polyethylene (PE) Wax Market : Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, and forecasts 2014 to 2021

Polyethylene (PE) wax is a low molecular weight ethylene polymer. It encompass properties such as high hardness, low viscosity, high melting & softening points, heat resistance, thermal stability. Polyethylene (PE) wax is utilized by various industries in powder, flakes, pallets and other forms. Industries such as paints and coatings, plastics, adhesive and sealants, constructions and many others manufacturers widely use polyethylene (PE) wax in their extensive products.

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Polyethylene (PE) wax is majorly used in plastics industry for dispersion aids, coupling agents, lubricants for PVC, processing aids, mold release agents for plastic in injection and extrusion molding, etc. in addition, it is the base polymer for hot-melt adhesives and pavement-striping compounds. These base polymers modify the petroleum wax in candles, investment casting, cable filling, and paperboard coatings.

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Polyethylene (PE) wax find various applications in candles, pigment dispersing agents, printing inks, antiblocking agents, crayons, pastels, hot melt adhesives, wood & firelogs, PVC compound stabilizers, traffic paints, calcium carbonate masterbatches, adhesive & coatings, plastic additive agents, lubricants for PVC pipes, laminates, polishes, cosmetics, and others.

Best Region Of Markets :

Geographies segment the global polyethylene (PE) wax market such as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Major companies in the global polyethylene (PE) wax market are Westlake Chemical Corporation, SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd., Clariant AG, BASF SE, Honeywell International Inc., Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc., WIWAX, The International Group Inc., Yasuhara Chemical Co., Ltd., and others.

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A. Polyethylene (PE) Wax By Forms :

1. Powder
2. Flake

B. Polyethylene (PE) Wax By Applications :

1. Candles
2. Packaging
3. Wood & Firelogs
4. Rubber
5. Adhesive & Coatings

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Polyethylene (PE) Wax

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