Little Gym Of Springhouse, In Ambler PA, Offers Fun Pre-K Gymnastic Programs

Ambler PA, 18-MAY-2016 – The Little Gym of Springhouse is pleased to announce that they offer gymnastics program for very young children. Even those who have not yet reached kindergarten age can benefit from the classes and programs. Basic skills are taught to the children in a way that doesn’t threaten or stress. The Ambler PA Kids Gym instructors lead out, encouraging children to have fun while learning.

Kids of this age group tend to have boundless energy and directing it into activities such as gymnastics improves their coordination and helps to achieve some of the developmental milestones which are necessary to be successful throughout the lifetime. The three-phase activities at the facility include social growth, mental growth, and physical growth. The children who participate in the programs are encouraged to have fun while learning gymnastics basics.

The “Get Moving” aspect of the programs foster strength, flexibility, and coordination. “Brain Boost” is the component which promotes spatial awareness, imagination development and math and language skills. “Citizen Kid” teaches group integration and listening skills. The times of the classes are arranged in a way that will allow for children to attend and participate easily.

Gymnastics classes are available for pre-K age children, but for older children as well. Age-specific classes are available for children up to age 12. The classes for older children may be segregated by gender. In addition to gymnastics, there are many other courses offered throughout the year. Karate, music, sports preparation, and other classes can be used to encourage the development of children.

Learn more about pre-K gymnastics by paying a visit to the website at today. Members of the press and individuals who have questions about the details in this press release are urged to contact the Little Gym at the location given below.

Company Name: The Little Gym of Springhouse

Address: 909 N Bethlehem Pike, P. O. Box 804, Springhouse, PA 19477

Contact Telephone Number: (215) 793-4883



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