The Right Place to Get Help with Divorce Issues in Allentown PA

Allentown, Pennsylvania – Divorce can be categorized into two different factions – no-fault and fault. The main difference between the two is the duration of time that the parties involved have to call it off legally. The more grueling process is seen in a fault divorce where there is a two-year wait of separation before a divorce can be settled. Aside from that, in a fault divorce, one side must prove that there has been a presence of one or more of the grounds for divorce. A common ground is adultery and physical pain infliction. It doesn’t matter what type of divorce is being filed, because a divorce attorney in Allentown, Pa. is willing to assist.

The attorneys at Eidelman & Associates ( are willing to give a hand to those experiencing family disputes or going through a divorce. They will handle these cases with utmost consideration and effort while using alternative dispute resolutions. A negotiation on the part of both parties is made possible through divorce attorneys in Allentown, Pa. especially, if spousal support and division of assets are involved. Moreover, mediation is more often used as a means of alternative resolution platform. It is less costly and disputes are easily solved, in comparison to those cases brought to court.

A divorce attorney in Allentown, Pa is not hesitant to take challenging divorce cases of extreme proportions. These cases involve high demands on how the financial statements must be divided and those with complicated marital conditions. Child custody, relocation cases, alimony and financial support are just some of the things that are considered in making a good separation agreement.

Eidelman & Associates will do their best in providing a peaceful separation between parties with fewer liabilities and emotional damages. It is a professional way of being at peace with the help of the law. Don’t fret because a divorce attorney in Allentown, Pa is ready to help provide a resolution in any divorce problems.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates is law practice specializing in divorce proceedings. They have assisted their clients in not only going through mediation, but they have also have assisted in more extreme cases, helping their clients get what they need. By helping their clients come to terms with separation and divorce, their clients come to terms with their agreements in a civil manner.

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