Visa Attorney In Coral Gables – A Step Forward In Achieving The Green Card

Coral Gables, Florida–The United States of America is seen as a beacon for people who are looking to start a new life. It has been a place laid out that is full of promises of growth and development for that new life. There are a lot of benefits once one acquires a US citizenship (green card). Different job opportunities to choose from, a laid-back lifestyle that is suitable for anyone and a whole new adventure for those people eyeing permanent residency. It may be tough to obtain a green card but a visa attorney in Coral Gables can help anyone seeking citizenship.

Legnaro Akl Law Firm ( offers a one-of-a-kind naturalization and immigration service, and is open to those who wants to live permanently in the US. It is rather an intricate and exasperating procedure that one must undergo to acquire citizenship. Recent developments and the prestige that the country received (naming the “land of opportunity”) made it harder for people to enter and permanently stay. There are certain qualifications and requirements that need to be met, before citizenship is granted. This is where a visa attorney in Coral Gables enters the scene.

Ilaria Akl, born and raised in Italy, was once an immigrant herself. After earning her citizenship, she vowed to help those who are in need of her services in terms of naturalization to the country. What she does for her clients is to gather all the necessary data, including set goals and purposes, and then she studies everything to figure out how she can be of service. This visa attorney in Coral Gables knows how to speak English, Spanish, Italian and French which only helps her to better assist her foreign clients who are looking to acquire a green card.

Experience is also what makes her the best choice when looking to hire a lawyer. She makes sure that the case is guided thoroughly from the first step down to the last. There is no complex case that an honest visa attorney in Coral Gables that can be deterred by. Ilaria Akl lives by integrity and compassion, she can take everyone’s dream of becoming a US citizen a step forward into becoming a reality.

About The LegnaroAklLaw Firm

The Legnaro Aki Law Firm aims to assist clients looking to become naturalized United States citizens. Illaria Akl helps those who are looking to take advantage of the great opportunities in the United States, and helps her clients take the necessary steps to do so. As a visa attorney, she helps her satisfied clients obtain their green cards, and start new and promising lives. By doing this, she not only helps to better her community, but also the lives of many.

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