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Boynton Beach, Florida – Issues related to family law are by nature some of the most emotionally charged situations in the courts. The majority of family law cases deal with divorce, child custody and visitation, and child support. When looking for a Boynton Beach family law attorney to settle a legal dispute, the last thing a client needs is an attorney who plays games and challenges the other party. This often prolongs the legal process, resulting in more time and money being spent while the situation continues to add to the frustration.

The attorneys of Schuttler, Greenberg & Mullins ( understand that the individuals on both sides of a family law dispute are already facing a great deal of pain and frustration with their case. Whether the client needs a Boynton Beach family law attorney to handle their divorce or to guide them in receiving child support, adding to the controversy will not help. Those cases that involve children are of a special concern. Instead of going after each other, spouses need to work together to find the best solutions for the children.

Divorce mediation is a more practical method of divorce that has much less impact on all parties. For the mediation process, the Boynton Beach family law attorney will act as a neutral to guide the parties through one or more hearings during which they will discuss the various aspects of their case and the potential outcomes they have available to them. Only when both parties have agreed to one of these options will the agreement be made and the parties will sign. For many people, knowing that they don’t have to deal with an unexpected and final decision takes a lot of the pressure off them to fight for a settlement.

One of the biggest advantages to having the attorneys at SG&M as a Boynton Beach family law attorney is their practice of helping clients understand the law and their rights under those laws. Knowing exactly what options are available makes it easier to take a clear path forward to reaching their goals and achieving a resolution that is fair and practical. Their goal is always to find the best possible resolution for each client’s unique situation.

About Schuttler, Greenberg & Mullins
Schuttler, Greenberg & Mullins ( is a family attorney law firm that offers services in litigation and mediation. The attorneys offer professional guidance and support during delicate legal disputes that are often fraught with emotion. For couples who are able to negotiate the terms of their divorce without conflict, the attorneys will act as mediator to help find the best outcome for all parties involved. If a peaceful settlement cannot be reached, the family law attorneys from SG&M will aggressively and professionally defend your rights in the courtroom.

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