Elements Linked to Lower Fertility in Men and Women

Have you ever wondered why lower fertility in men and women is common these days? Well, there are several factors which may cause infertility issues, let us quickly glance through and understand the cause, risk, symptoms and treatment.

We are so busy in our own world that we hardly care how pollution level in air mainly caused by smoke from industrial gases and growing automobiles is increasing the toxin level with harmful nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur. These elements are certainly affect the reproductive health in men and women.

According to various medical surveys factory workers who closely work with pesticide manufacturing, adhesives, and oil paints are more exposed to harmful chemicals and are more prone to lower fertility. People often blame growing pollutants and industrialization being one of the factors which lower the fertility in men & women and rightly so. Having said that, infertility is not just limited to these areas, it can be due to abnormal sperm production or premature ejaculation.

Men infertility cannot be detected commonly by an individual since the appearance of sperm, quantity or colour looks normal; it requires proper medical test to confirm if a man has infertility issues. Similarly, fertility issues in women like ovulation disorders, need of open fallopian tubes are diagnosed after thorough medical tests. Every now and then, female infertility is linked to hormone problems in such case, minutely observe symptoms like dark hair growth in unwanted body parts
like lower lips, chest etc, weight gain, hair loss and skin disorder.

So, couples under the age group of 35 and have been trying to conceive without success for more than 12 months, it’s time to see your doctor.

Lower fertility in men and women is nothing new, if you get treatment at right time this can be easily handled. For better diagnosis of risk areas and treatment of fertility issues get in touch with renowned fertility treatment expert Dr. Indira Ganeshan. According to her most infertility related cases were treatable, it requires correct diagnosis to determine if the problem is with one of the partners or combination of both. Once the cause is determined a proper treatment can resolve the
issue. If you are looking for a fertility treatment make sure you consult Dr. Ganeshan, the best IVF and fertility specialist in Delhi NCR.

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