How Proposal Software Can Benefit Your Firm

You may have heard of proposal software and either not be sure exactly what it is or how it can benefit you.  However, the right package can be a great benefit to any business.

Proposal software is designed to provide a pre-programmed and pre-formatted sales proposal.  Each proposal will need a small amount of personalization before it can be dispatched.  The software can save sales staff from creating a quote from scratch and free their time up to create new sales opportunities.

The product offered by Qvidian ( is flexible and easy to use; it can provide a consistent, professional looking sales proposal within a few moments and with minimal input.

The product can also be personalized to suit your specific requirements; this is not just in relation to the look of the finished proposal.  It also gives you the ability to add personal comments or address specific issues which are concerning your client.

Proposal software can also help you to convert more leads into sales!  It can sometimes be the case that the best sales person is not the best at paperwork.  In their rush to get to the next client a proposal can be completed which is missing details or the professional touch that is so important to the businesses and their customers.  This can mean the firm loses out on many potential sales.  By having a proposal already created, your sales people can quickly complete the paperwork and you can be assured that it creates the right impression.

The proposal software can also help to provide a follow up service to all those who have had a proposal already but are unsure about going ahead.  The software can report on any proposal which has not yet been signed up to and appropriate follow up action can then be conducted.


Qvidian offers a range of products which are all designed to save sales, content and proposal teams time and improve productivity.  The firm is led by an experienced software specialist with thirty years experience.  The management team consists of six people who all have a vast amount of experience in their respective fields.

The firm has earned a reputation for providing a quality product and has many satisfied clients which have provided references.  They even offer overview datasheets to help your knowledge of their products and how they can benefit you.  The firm offer a free consultation to help them understand your needs and for you to understand how their product can benefit you.  To find out more contact them on 800-272-0047 or visit

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