The Right Software Can Improve Your Sales Proposals

Getting a sales proposal right is difficult, it should look professional, reflect anything you talked about during the meeting and include all the relevant information.  However, the staff best at selling may not always be the best at completing these forms.  Thankfully the software available from Qvidian ( tackles this issue and removes the need for excessive human contact with any sales proposal.

Every proposal can be created in the same carefully crafted style you want; the default settings can be created and even the text.  All you need to do is input the specific details and watch the proposal come to life before you; ready to be emailed or simply posted to your client.

Sales proposals are improved for a number of reasons; the result of these improvements will show in increased conversion rates, faster response times and the ability to merge data. You will be able to have a more accurate overall picture of the progress and productivity of individuals and the business as a whole.  This will assist you with learning what areas of your proposal can be worked on and improved, which operatives may benefit from additional training and how good your conversion rate is.  Qvidians sales proposal package will offer the following benefits:

•    Professional finished and polished proposal which can be submitted to a client within minutes of returning to the office

•    Centralized control over the proposals currently in progress.  It is even possible to send email chasers and reminders to help improve sales.

•    Staff have more free time to track down and bring in new work.

•    The firm will need less staff and utilities in the office; leading to a reduction in costs.

•    The software is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world; with the right access rights.  This ensures sales staff always have the right information in front of them.


Qvidian offers a range of products which are all designed to save sales, content and proposal teams time and improve productivity.  The firm is led by an experienced software specialist with thirty years experience.  The management team consists of six people who all have a vast amount of experience in their respective fields.

The firm has earned a reputation for providing a quality product and has many satisfied clients which have provided references.  They even offer overview datasheets to help your knowledge of their products and how they can benefit you.  The firm offer a free consultation to help them understand your needs and for you to understand how their product can benefit you.  To find out more contact them on 800-272-0047 or visit

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