Specialist Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

You may be forgiven for believing that a personal injury attorney is there to obtain compensation for you after you have suffered a personal injury. This is certainly a part of the role. However, a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, Alva & Shuttleworth LLC (http://alvafirm.com/personal-injury/), is aiming to go one step further than this!

They have a proven track record in successfully obtaining compensation for those injured, whether in a car accident, at work or even at a friend’s house. But, this is only part of their responsibility and commitment to their clients.

Compensation becomes necessary because you have, through no fault of your own, incurred an injury. This may have short term effects, long term, or even life changing effects. From the moment you are injured there will be costs, your health care can be exceptionally expensive, you may need to have a variety if aids to help you live normally while you recovery, you may even need to arrange alternative transport and child care. It may even be necessary for you to have access to help and assistance for the rest of your life. The list of expenses can quickly add up leaving you out of pocket.

Perhaps worse than the financial impact is the emotional stress which you will be placed under. You may be uncertain about your future, your job may not be safe and you will become very stressed having to deal with all the paperwork from the insurance companies and healthcare services; all while dealing with the everyday matters.

Alva & Shuttleworth aim to remove this stress by dealing with all matters to do with your claim for you. They will report to you in clear, easy to understand English and work hard to secure you the best possible funding to gain a speedy recovery. Their actions will allow you to focus on getting better; this is instrumental to your future and to keeping the compensation claim to a reasonable level. The longer you take to recover the more it will cost the third party! Their services are designed to get you the best possible help to ensure you make a complete recovery as quickly as possible.

About Alva & Shuttleworth
The firm was formed in 1987, a natural progression of Daniel-Paul Alva’s experience as a criminal defense attorney. The firm has grown steadily and now has five highly qualified attorneys, all of which specialize in either criminal law or personal injury claims. They have a fearless approach to the courtroom and will always seek to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. As well as offering a personal service they have a wealth of experience which will be used to ensure you obtain the right result. In fact, they will not rest until they are happy that you have received a fair level of compensation. To find out more about them and the service they offer contact them on 215-665-1695 or visit their website; www.alvafirm.com.
Phone: 215-665-1695
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