Using A Proposal Generator Can Improve Efficiency

One of the biggest concerns of most business owners is the ability to be as efficient as possible; this will translate into an improved customer service, better renumeration for the staff and a positive difference to the bottom line.  However, it is not always easy to find ways to successfully and consistently improve the efficiency of your team and the service you offer.

Fortunately, a firm called Qvidian ( has the answer; a cloud based proposal generator which can be quickly completed and delivered to the prospective client via email or post.  There are a number of reasons why this type of document can improve your efficiency:

•    Speed of completion – Sales people generally enjoy the banter and the thrill of reeling a client in.  This does not mean they are naturally good at filling forms in and recording all the relevant info.  With the proposal generator software they do not need to be!  The majority of the form is completed beforehand by the computer; you or your sales team can enter the relevant info specific to the job and wait for the response.

•    Ability to track – When all your staff is using the same software it becomes much easier to track the number of proposals dispatched, the conversion rate and to follow up on those who have not yet responded.  This will enable you to match your staff better to the jobs available and improve efficiency as well as conversion rates.

•    Time Saving – By automating as much of the system as possible the follow up process for each job will diminish rapidly.  Not only can the sales proposals be generated in a short space of time, it is possible for a member of the administrative team to organize several follow up attempts via email without needing to take up any more of the sales person’s time; leaving them free to focus on generating new business.

•    Adjustable – Every proposal can be adjusted and personalized to ensure the prospective client has a unique offer, relevant to their situation.  This can make a big difference when you are attempting to generate new business.


Qvidian offers a range of products which are all designed to save sales, content and proposal teams time and improve productivity.  The firm is led by an experienced software specialist with thirty years experience.  The management team consists of six people who all have a vast amount of experience in their respective fields.

The firm has earned a reputation for providing a quality product and has many satisfied clients which have provided references.  They even offer overview datasheets to help your knowledge of their products and how they can benefit you.  The firm offer a free consultation to help them understand your needs and for you to understand how their product can benefit you.  To find out more contact them on 800-272-0047 or visit

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