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The Law Office of Carl L. Brown is one the best law offices for handling auto accident cases in Fresno, California. Mr. Brown has more than 35 years of experience in civil litigations, as a personal injury lawyer, he has worked in many auto accident cases. They have experienced and skilled attorneys to deal auto accident cases. They will help auto accident victims to recover the maximum medical treatment and financial compensation.

Common Reasons for Auto Accident

Most of the auto accident cases are caused by the driver’s negligence. Every driver’s duty is to operate an auto with care. When this duty is violated and causes harm to people. The following includes the most common reasons for auto accidents:

  • Drunk and Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Faster Driving
  • Violate Traffic Rules
  • Manufacturer Errors

After Auto Accident

If auto accident occurred then, the following important steps can help you to build a strong case and protect your rights.

  • If you believe your injuries are minor, then call the Police at 911 to get the first aid.
  • Collect contact information everyone involved in an auto crash.
  • Take the pictures of the vehicles, injuries and surrounding traffic signs.
  • Notify the accident to your insurance company.

How an Attorney can help the Auto Accident Victims

In Law Office of Carl L. Brown, they have highly skilled and experienced professionals to handle auto accident cases. They can help you to receive the compensation for your damages. They will take a legal action against the responsible party and fight hard to settle the case on your side. They can also help you to claim your insurance when some of insurance agents will try to offer the immediate settlement. Don’t believe their friendly movements because, they will give you the less amount than the actual insurance of your claim.

About The Law Office of Carl L. Brown

The Law Office of Carl L. Brown is the well known law firms for dealing auto accident cases in Fresno, CA. They have experienced lawyers, specialized in dealing car accident, truck accident and motorcycle accident cases. Mr. Brown has 17 years experience as a defense attorney in the insurance industry, so he can help auto victims to get right claims from the insurance company. They are providing initial free consultation to their clients. To know more about auto accident lawyer, visit at



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