Pets First Animal Hospital – Offers Best Veterinarian Services In Cape Coral, FL

Pets First Animal Hospital is a leading veterinarian service providing clinic in Cape Cora, FL. They provide a special medical and surgical care to your pets. They have a licensed and professional team of doctors and staffs who will hold your pet’s well being as their top priority. Pets First Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital and offers both emergency treatment care and as well as pet patient in need of routine medical, surgical and dental care.


Pet First Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services including pet’s wellness and vaccination programs, dentistry, full in-house laboratory services, anesthesia and patient monitoring, preventive care, nutritional counseling and grooming.

Medical Services

Pets First Animal Hospital medical service includes dentistry, radiology, flea control, cardiology and other medical assessment. Dental disease is the most common diagnosed health problem for all pets. Dental diseases can also affect the other organs in the body. Pets First Animal Hospital veterinarian can determine the health problem and provide necessary treatment.

Flea Control – A flea is most common thing in all pet’s body. To control, their doctors can provide safe and effective preventive treatment to your pet.

Medical Assessment- to ensure proper diagnosis, they need to examine your pet. They begin with pet’s eyes, ears, skin and skeletal system for any abnormalities. Their experienced doctors will perform blood and urine tests as necessary to check your pet’s kidneys, liver, and endocrine system.

Preventive Services      

Pets First Animal Hospital preventive services include flea prevention, heartworm prevention and tick prevention.

Heartworm Prevention – Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm infection in your pet’s body. In dogs, signs of heartworm diseases can range from coughing, fatigue and weight loss to difficulty breathing and a swollen abdomen.

Tick Prevention – don’t be so serious if you find a tick on your pet’s body. Pets First Animal Hospital tick preventives are very effective and safe at controlling ticks and the diseases they carry.

Surgical Services

Spaying – the spaying procedure prevents female animals from becoming pregnant and reproducing. It can help your pet to live longer and healthier life. Pets First Animal Hospital doctors can remove the ovaries and uterus through a proper surgical procedure.

Soft Tissue Surgery – this type of surgeries can provide many benefits to pets and it is not associated with bone. It is the process of removing a masses or lumps.

Nutritional Counseling – they provide feeding tips and food recommendation that will encourage the pet’s maximum growth and health without affect causing any problems.

About Pets First Animal Hospital

Pets First Animal Hospital is an experienced animal hospital in Cape Coral, FL. They have several years of experience in offering veterinarian services to all pets. They have well knowledgeable doctors and staffs will provide best medical and surgical treatment to your pets. They keep all the records of visiting pets which is used for future treatment. To book an appointment or know more about their veterinarian services visit:



5995 S Pointe Blvd Unit 109
Fort Myers, Florida, 33919

Phone: (239) 437-9410

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