James E. Urmin Sr: A Dallas Franchise Attorney Dedicated to Protecting Your Franchise Rights

Richardson, Texas–Franchise agreements are a convenient method of business development for those new owners who want to minimize their risk. The franchise owner receives a lot of information, assistance and support for their investment but they also have obligations that must be met. When either side of the agreement determines that the other has not met their obligation, a number of situations can arise. Hiring a Dallas franchise attorney to oversee the entire process from approving the initial agreement to following the terms of the agreement for the current and future businesses will help to prevent the legal disputes that can arise.

Attorney James E. Urmin Sr. (http://www.urminlaw.com/franchise-distribution/) understands the complexities of franchise & distribution law and the common areas that often start legal disputes. His skills include drafting franchise and distribution agreements that comply with the laws of the state. He also offers advice as a Dallas franchise attorney to help clients improve productivity and comply with their obligations to fulfill their franchise agreements.

Franchisors and franchisees can both benefit from the expertise of an experienced Dallas franchise attorney for a number of reasons. For the franchise buyer, it is important to establish the amount of support they will get for their business throughout every phase of their operation. For the franchise company, the appropriately worded agreement will provide them with the guarantee they need that the new business owner will operate within the standards of the company. This could result in a negative impact on the reputation for the franchise company and the quality of the franchise.

Mr. Urmin has extensive experience as a Dallas franchise attorney and he understands the differences in the way the laws may be interpreted between Texas and other states. Getting a knowledgeable, experienced attorney should be considered the first step in the process of purchasing a franchise, long before the agreement has been made. Understanding what is included in any agreement will help the reality of the business to stand up to the expectations.

About James E. Urmin Sr., P.C.

James E. Urmin Sr. (http://www.urminlaw.com) is a Texas-based attorney who provides experienced legal services to families and businesses throughout the state. Mr. Urmin offers mediation services to those clients who prefer a better option than litigation for resolving their dispute. Both businesses and families can benefit from the more peaceful and private process of litigation when they are concerned about personal and delicate issues they don’t want to share. James also offers services as a franchise lawyer, and in various areas of family law, collaborative law, and business. His skills in the courtroom and in mediation, combined with more than 25 years of experience, make him the right candidate for obtaining legal guidance and representation for a variety of situations.

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