James E. Urmin Sr.: A Dallas TX Family Law Attorney Who Offers Real Solutions

Richardson, Texas–In spite of the sensitive matters that occur within families, many can turn into complex legal disputes. The emotions involved can make it even more challenging to find a resolution. When these issues are played out in the courtroom, they often end up taking more time and money to resolve while relationships are further damaged. Most cases which require a Dallas TX family law attorney involve children. The well-being of the children should be the primary concern of every party in the dispute and the center of every outcome.

James E. Urmin (http://www.urminlaw.com/family-law/) understands the laws in Texas and how they apply to even the most complex cases. He takes the time to get to know every family he represents and to understand the special nuances that set them apart. Once he understands the people involved, he determines the best possible option for the situation. Putting the decision in the hands of a caring, knowledgeable Dallas TX family law attorney will allow parents to put their children first without debating issues in a never-ending trial.

It isn’t unusual for each spouse in a divorce to think they are the most important person in their child’s life. In reality, each parent plays an important role in the care and well-being of their children. In most cases, there are external factors that should be considered when determining which parent should be the custodial parent and how vacation time will be split. The goal should be to disrupt as little of the child’s life as possible while making the transition to their new lifestyle for their future. If the settlement is reached through negotiations with the purpose of achieving what is best for the child in mind, the end result is more likely to be one that everyone can live with. James E. Urmin is the Dallas TX family law attorney who has proven his ability at accomplishing the best solutions for all kinds of families.

About James E. Urmin Sr., P.C.

James E. Urmin Sr. (http://www.urminlaw.com) is a Texas-based attorney who provides experienced legal services to families and businesses throughout the state. Mr. Urmin offers mediation services to those clients who prefer a better option than litigation for resolving their dispute. Both businesses and families can benefit from the more peaceful and private process of litigation when they are concerned about personal and delicate issues they don’t want to share. James also offers services as a franchise lawyer, and in various areas of family law, collaborative law and business. His skills in the courtroom and in mediation, combined with more than 25 years of experience, make him the right candidate for obtaining legal guidance and representation for a variety of situations.

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