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Houston, Texas–Personal injuries are those that occur to the person as a result of another person, business or entity. When the person takes their personal injury claim to court, it can turn into a long battle that depletes their finances and leaves them in a worse situation than when they started. Even a seemingly minor injury can lead to significant medical bills and time off from work that also means loss of income. Many clients of John W. Kelly ( have found that a personal injury mediator in Houston Texas is a better way to settle their personal injury disputes.

The very nature of litigation creates a confrontational atmosphere that breeds hostility. It is a process where a plaintiff attempts to hold the defendant accountable for their actions or inactions. Few people want to admit they are responsible for someone else’s pain and suffering. Add to that the insurance company’s efforts to minimize the severity of your injury and put the blame in another direction. Not surprisingly, litigation often results in a verdict that isn’t satisfactory to anyone at a cost that no one wants to pay.

John W. Kelly has confronted a diversity of situations while acting as a personal injury mediator in Houston Texas. He knows the areas that are the most challenging to prove and the tactics that insurance companies often resort to in an effort to prevent payment. As a successful mediator, Mr. Kelly knows how to guide the negotiation process towards realistic and agreeable resolutions. In most cases, neither side is going to get everything that they want from the case. On the plus side, both sides will get a fair resolution that will work out in the best interests of everyone.

When an injury occurs, clients should find a qualified personal injury mediator in Houston Texas to evaluate their case right away. John W. Kelly will look at the facts related to your accident and your injury and guide you on which steps to take next. Although the amount of time it takes to settle a personal injury case through mediation varies according to a number of factors, the result is usually a successful one that is achieved in less time and at a significantly lower cost than by litigation.

About John W. Kelly, Jr.
John W. Kelly, Jr ( is a practicing trial attorney with 43 years of experience that he uses to help clients acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. Kelly works in the areas of personal injury, contract mediation, construction mediation, and trade secrets mediation in the Houston Texas area. Mr. Kelly relies on patience and knowledge to apply the mediation process to their dispute and work out an agreement without the “winner take all” attitude that accompanies litigation.

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