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Schecter Law is an experienced and leading real estate and business legal matters handling law firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They have more than forty years of experience in this law field and providing best legal assistance and if it is necessary they can also moved their customer’s case into court. Mark Schecter is the founder of this law firm who has well knowledge in business and real estate. They always use a team approach and give a positive result in favor of the client side.

Construction Law

Construction Law is mainly deals with the rules and regulation of construction law that will help to solve the dispute between buyer and seller of the property in a legal way. From the initial step of bidding a project and till signing the contract, many legal procedures are involved. So construction lawyer is very important to handle your property case and solve in a legal way.

The clients can get many benefits from hiring a construction law lawyer. There are: they will advise you on different city, state and zoning laws. The experienced construction lawyer advises the customer on the rules and regulations that apply to your project type. They will acquire building permits, draft service contracts. They can provide information on land acquisitions, negotiate and claim settlement from construction industry professional.

Construction Agreements

Construction agreement is a difficult part in real estate property.  If it is not properly handled, it can lead to many of disputes. Because many different contactors working on particular property, a one dispute can cause the whole project can be closed while the parties litigate. If you are planning to build a home, for yourself or an investment property, you need to more concerned about finding a reputable contractor and business lawyer for legal assistance. Schecter Law is a leading construction law cases handling law firm in Florida. Their construction law lawyers approach their client’s transactional needs with accurate senses of preventing future litigation. Their lawyers have the knowledge to handle all aspects of a construction agreement.

About Schecter Law

Schecter Law is a well established law firm that handles real estate and business law related cases in Florida. Mark Schecter is founder of this law firm who has more than 40 years of experience in this law field. Their experienced construction law lawyer will understand the client’s situation and prepare all construction agreements and paper works before busying a property. To know more about their construction law lawyers visit:



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