Solitaire Makes a Solid Return

Solitaire has been a popular game for generations. However in recent years, with the increase and improvements of video games, the popularity of solitaire has dropped. Luckily, a company called FunRoom ( is bringing back Solitaire-based games online and are making thousands of people fall back in love with it.

Many think of Klondike when they hear the word Solitaire. This is because it is the most popular Solitaire game; however there are dozens of Solitaire-based games. The most famous include FreeCell and Spider. FunRoom displays all of these variants online in one place, so you can choose to master them all.

Regardless of your age, situation or gender, Solitaire can be a brilliant way for you to kill time. Some people say it is an effective way of “brain training” and making improvements to your logic and problem-solving skills. The games are card games, however they are best played online and the best thing about it? You can do it when you’re on your own – so you don’t have to worry about making commitments with people. FunRoom is the best place to practice your Solitaire skills. Doing so will mean you’ll play like a pro if you want to do it competitively at some point (or even if you just want to show off your skills).

Some types of Solitaire, such as FreeCell, are games where you are almost always unable to lose. However, some games may be more challenging and will require you to use a lot more strategy and strategic thinking. You can time yourself playing the games and use this as a high score – you can always work on improving yourself. FunRoom is the best place to practice Solitaire as it has many games all in one place.

About FunRoom

FunRoom is a website that holds all of the Solitaire variants in one place. It is online and you can play completely on your own terms. Although it is primarily for Solitaire, FunRoom also has other classic games on it such as Hearts, Minesweeper and Snake. Playing Solitaire is a brilliant way to relax and spend your free time. This website provides you with all the games you could ever wish to play and completing these games will bring you a great feeling of achievement and will help to combat stress.

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