Camino al Sol – Best Ayahuasca Healing Retreat in California

Camino al Sol is the best community for providing Ayahuasca healing retreat in California. They strictly follow the traditions with Elders in Colombia. They are preparing the sacred plant medicines, such as Yage, Coca and Tobacco. Yage medicine is prepared from Ayahuasca plant. They will provide Ayahuasca ceremony in the forest, best place for relaxation and healing retreat. They have Ayahuasca healing center in Santa Elena, where they offer bi-monthly 3 day retreat and they also retreat every other month in California.

Ayahuasca Healing

Before taking Ayahuasca healing retreat, you must eat vegetarian food for three days. After Ayahuasca retreat you can take a low level of salt, sugar and fat. Most important thing to remember is not to consume alcohol during Ayahuasca ceremony. Camino al Sol is a part of the Okeluevha Native American Church and all participants must become members of the church, so this is legal healing retreat in the United States.


All their herbal medicines are prepared in Amazon especially by Elders of Camino al Sol community. They use only Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Chacruna and also they don’t permit the participants to prepare medicines. Using Ayahuasca and Chacruna plant they cook the Yage medicine. Ambil medicine is prepared using tobacco grown organically in their community farm. They believe this Ambil medicine is a power plant that allows man to cleanse and heal in order to receive guidance from God and the Sprits. Mambe medicine is made from coca leaves and yaruma. When using this Mambe and Ambil medicine together, the Ambil brings thoughts and the Mambe translates it into words.

Francisco Piaguaje is Camino al Sol community’s Taita, he has been working tirelessly to provide medicine and education for his community. He teaches the children, the traditional language to preserve their language. He also works with many herbal plant medicines and healing methods to treat the community.

About Camino al Sol

Camino al Sol is one of the well known non-profit communities in California, providing the best Ayahuasca healing retreats. They work closely with many Taita and Elders who are the skilled healers and trained in preparing sacred plant medicines. They believe this Ayahuasca healing retreat will help to improve the quality of human life. For any queries contact 424-262-2473 and also visit, to know more information about Camino al Sol.

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