Child Support Attorneys in Allentown

Divorce can be a very complicated situation, especially when you’ve got to deal with the additional worry about child support. Child support is one of the issues that come with divorce, but it is one of the most prominent. Whether it is litigation or mediation you prefer, the attorneys at Eidelman & Associates ( will support you through the process and help you get the fairest option for your family.

Mediation can be the best option in these situations. It can be cheaper than litigation and will mean you don’t have to face the horror and emotional distraught of you going through a courtroom battle. Mediation is a process in which you work through your issues with a mediator (an attorney) and the other party – this means teamwork is involved and instead of working against each other, you work together to reach a result which benefits you both in the fairest way. Eidelman & Associates encourage this route as it is a lot less damaging than litigation.

Child support always goes to the parent who takes custody of the child. There are a number of factors that are involved in the amount of child support that has to be paid; this includes the income of both parents as well as living situation. Child support is important in making sure there is enough money for your child to live a normal life and to maintain the life they had before the divorce. At Eidelman & Associates, the attorneys have a lot of experience in helping you get the fairest amount of child support for your child and your situation.

Having an attorney from Eidelman & Associates means you will have a mediator who is very skilled and has a deep understanding of family law in Allentown. What this means for you is that your chances of having a successful mediation is much higher.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates have an outstanding amount of experience in family and divorce law in Allentown. The attorneys are thoughtful and kind, making them perfect for handling delicate situations such as those involving families and family rights. The entire firm has an amazing amount of compassion and determination to ensure their clients get what they deserve and will no longer feel alone. Eidelman & Associates are ready for any situation.

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