J & G Transmissions In Salt Lake City, UT Provides Transmission Problem Repair Solutions

Murray UT, 22-JUNE-2016 – J & G Transmissions is pleased to announce that the team of technicians is able to provide transmission repair solutions which are complete and dependable. The Salt Lake City UT transmission repair service team is highly trained and have years of experience in the work that they do. The transmission which is not functioning correctly can create problems with fuel efficiency and dependable operation.

Transmission problems can range from minor annoyances, to complete inability to move the vehicle forward. Determining what the underlying problem is requires knowledge, training, and equipment. The facility is set up to respond to the needs of customers quickly and accurately. The service bays are fully equipped to take care of multiple customers at the same time.

Owners who believe that there may be problems with the transmission system in their vehicle should bring the vehicle to the professionals at J & G Transmissions. There may be grinding noises coming from the transmission, or it may be slipping so that the right acceleration is not possible. A loss of power when changing gears or accelerating affects the fuel efficiency. Other indications that there are transmission issues include revving or fast engine idling. Leaking transmission fluid and low acceleration.

Additional services which are linked to transmission service and repair include 24-hour towing. The company offers a free computer scan to identify the problems which cause loss of efficiency. The technicians are usually able to complete needed repairs on the same day. A warranty is offered for both labor and parts.

Learn more about solutions for transmission problems by visiting the web pages at http://www.jandgtransmissions.com today. Members of the press and those who have more questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact the company at the location provided below.

Company Name: J & G Transmissions

Address: 4782 South 500 West, Murray Utah 84123

Contact Telephone Number: (801) 262-2321

Email: info@jandgtransmissions.com

Website: http://www.jandgtransmissions.com

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