The New Short Musical Movie “Harlem 1929″ By Gitano Frank Is Coming Soon!

For Immediate Release:


June 24, 2016: The new artist singer and songwriter Gitano Frank is going to release his short musical science fiction movie called “Harlem 1929″ very soon. The new song “IMAGINE” Soundtrack with the video from the movie is already available on the YouTube channel. Gitano Frank is an independent performer who plays keyboard and guitars in clubs and all instruments on his own music recordings. Gitano mainly focuses on melody and the messages of his song lyrics that will make you feel good.
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He has created his own music channel and always loves to make new original music and melodies. He believes that new music’s are coming out every second from each corner around the world of various kinds or style as well as the music changes almost overnight. But to make something original that you are feeling and you can say this is my creation and can be proud of by creating something real that is you and that is the most important factor for Gitano.


The upcoming short musical movie “Harlem 1929″ is directed by Gitano Frank where Gitano himself is playing a lead role along with Sylvianne Lokonga. This new artist is a personification of what a successful independent artist should look like. The song of the movie is already highly praised and receiving a lot of popularity among the music enthusiasts. The sky is the limited for this artist and hopes his new movie “Harlem 1929″ will take him to new heights and success in the world of recordings.


About The Company:

Gitano Frank is an independent new artist, singer and songwriter whose new movie “Harlem 1929″ is releasing soon.


Contact Details:

Name of the movie: Harlem 1929

Director: Gitano Frank

Recording Company: G.F.R – Gitano Frank records

Main Actors: Gitano Frank & Sylvianne Lokonga

Place: Toronto



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