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Although riding a motorcycle gives many pleasures like the thrill and freedom of being out on the open road, there are many dangers as well. Bikers provide with less safety protection as compare to a car driver. As a consequence, bikers are at the higher risk of getting severe injuries and sometimes even killed. If you or your closed one is injured or died as the result of bike accident through no fault on their own then you have full rights to appeal for a claim. In Sarkisian Law Offices, they have experienced personal injury lawyers who advocate for the rights of motorcyclists. They provide aggressive approach in handling your insurance claim.

Build a Strong Case

Once you involved in the case, the lawyer from Sarkisian Law Offices will help you to build your case as strong as possible. They conduct a thorough investigation and collect the crucial evidence needs to submit in the court. As a legal representative they can collect scene and accident reports, analyze medical reports, collect photographic evidence, contact insurance company and speak to witnesses.

Were you a victim of Carelessness?

Motorcycle accident can occur depends on many reasons, but the majority of the accident is occurred because of another driver carelessness or inattentive driving. Some of the negligent driving includes failure to follow the speed limits, tailgating the motorcycle, driving under the influence, swerving in front of the bikers etc. Sarkisian Law Offices attorneys will firstly look for any of these negligence factors involved in your case, if it is there, then they provide strong advocacy in court rooms and get you maximum compensation.

Product Liability

In some cases, mechanical defects can also be the reason for accident could occur. If you met with an accident through the fault of mechanical defect in bike then you can file case on the manufacturer of the bike to get required compensation for your injuries. Some of the mechanical defects where you can get compensation are improper design, gear or break shift defects and tire defect.

About Sarkisian Law Offices

Sarkisian Law Offices have professional attorneys to deal your motorcycle accident case in Merrillville, IN. Their attorneys provide strong negotiation to obtain the required compensation for your injuries. Their lawyer will help you to get compensation for mental anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical wages. Visit to know more details about the motorcycle lawyer.


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