Pets First Wellness Center – Experienced Animal Clinic for Preventive Services in Bonita Beach, FL

Pets First Wellness Center is a number one clinic for animals in Bonita Beach, FL. Their veterinarians are highly skilled in providing Preventive Services for pet animals such as Flea prevention and control, heartworm prevention and tick prevention.

1. Flea Prevention and Control

Fleas are insects that can cause many problems for pets ranging from minor to severe (life threatening). These parasites are not only can cause allergies, irritation or itching, but they can also transmit various severe diseases. Fleas can present in cats, dogs, rats, mice etc. These insects don’t just stay on pets; they can also bite people too. The veterinarians from Pets First Wellness Center are well experienced in eliminate and control fleas.

2. Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can cause severe damages to the pet blood vessels, lungs and hearts. It can spread from one animal to other through the bite of mosquitoes. The symptoms for this problem can vary widely.

The treatment in curing this infection is very expensive rather than prevention. It is very hard to diagnose in cats than it in dogs. Even one or two heartworms can cause severe issues for cat. Some cats spontaneously keep free themselves from this infection and other might not survive it. Luckily there is an easy way to keep your cat or dog away from this problem. By administering proper heartworm preventives can keep away this infection from your pet. The Pets First Wellness Center Veterinarian can suggest the best regime for your pet prevent from heartworm infection.

3. Tick Prevention

Ticks are small arachnids that can cause serious and sometimes deadly diseases that include tick paralysis, lyme diseases, ehrlichiosis etc. The symptoms for this infection are loss of appetite, joint pain, fever and trouble breathing. The best way to keep away of this infection from your pet is undergoing proper tick preventive. Ticks can hide under pets fur, the veterinarian from Pets First Wellness Center can suggest you to check every time your pet comes in from outside.

About Pets First Wellness Center

Pets First Wellness Center is a leading hospital in providing treatment for pets in Bonita Beach, FL. They offer breed specific wellness plan for your pet in order to be in optimized health. Their Pet Health library consists of series of article which will give up to date pet’s health information. Visit to know more details about their clinic.

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