Dr. Carl Futenma, Vancouver, WA Dentist, Offers Cosmetic Dental Solutions

Vancouver, WA dentist Dr. Carl Futenma is pleased to provide a wide variety of excellent quality cosmetic dental solutions to new and existing patients. The aesthetic solutions offered by this expert dentist enhance the appearance of patients’ smiles and their personal confidence. Not only will cosmetic dentistry improve appearance, it can improve the overall function of both mouth and teeth.

At Creative Smiles Innovative Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Futenma offers cosmetic solutions such as in-office teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, tooth replacement, and Six Month Smiles straightening.

In-office teeth whitening is a great option to patients who have stained, dull, or discolored teeth. As people age, their teeth darken. Dr. Futenma and his experienced team can provide high-quality treatment to brighten smiles in as  little as one visit.

Dr. Futenma offers cosmetic bonding, which utilizes a composite tooth-colored resin to correct flaws in teeth. Often completed in one visit, dental bonding is an effective method to restore both the appearance and function of teeth.

Veneers can fix flaws and restore a beautiful smile. Dr. Futenma and his team can recreate the natural look of teeth, while providing strength and flexibility that is comparable to natural tooth enamel. He may recommend veneers to patients with healthy but unsightly teeth who are interested in repairing the aesthetics of their smile. With proper at home care and regular professional cleanings, veneers can last for years.

Dr. Futenma and his dental team are trained and certified to provide high-quality tooth replacement options to patients, including dentures and dental implants. Tooth replacement can restore a healthy, beautiful look to smiles.

For patients who may benefit from orthodontic treatment but are unwilling to choose traditional orthodontic braces, Dr. Futenma offers the Six Month Smiles straightening system. This system of modified clear braces is a safe, effective, and convenient way to have straighter, healthier teeth in less time than traditional orthodontic options.

At Creative Smiles, Dr. Futenma and his entire dental team have the qualifications to care for and treat all of your cosmetic dental needs. For more information about the cosmetic dental solutions offered at Creative Smiles, please contact their Vancouver, WA Chicago dental office or visit http://creativesmilesvancouver.com/.

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