Lima Dentist Dr. Blanford Offering CEREC Dental Restorations

Dr. Jeffrey Blanford, DDS has announced the availability of same-day restorations at his Lima, OH office. This new approach to tooth restorations is made possible by innovative CEREC CAD/CAM technology.  CEREC is a sophisticated system that designs and crafts high quality, metal-free dental restorations in a single patient visit.

The procedure for CEREC restoration is quite simple. First, all decay is removed from the tooth.  Next, Dr. Blanford will take digital images of the tooth using 3D modeling software. Once these images are captured, the 3D model is viewed on a high definition screen. Dr. Blanford will then design the restoration for a precise fit and aesthetically pleasing look. Once the final design is approved, the CEREC machine creates the custom restoration from a solid block of ceramic. This helps to produce very strong and durable results. In about 15 minutes, the restoration will be ready to be fitted in the month. Once it is bonded in place, it is adjusted and polished for a natural, beautiful look.

With CEREC, patients will leave their appointment with their brand new restoration.  CEREC removes the need for multiple appointments for impression or for waiting 2 weeks or more for a lab to make the restoration. Also, a temporary restoration is no longer needed.

You may be a candidate for CEREC if you:

  • Have been told you need a new crown, inlay, onlay or bridge
  • Have a cracked tooth
  • Have old failing restorations
  • Have large damage or trauma on your teeth
  • Are interested in replacing old metal restorations with biocompatible restorations

A typical CEREC crown appointment can last less than two hours and there is no need for additional appointments.  The 3D software and technology assists Dr. Blanford in designing a virtual restoration without taking impressions.  This allows him to make precise restorations that look great, fit perfectly, and can last for years.

Dr. Blanford’s team has the experience and qualifications to care for same day dental restorations.  For more information about CEREC or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Blanford, DDS, please contact Blanford Dental Center at their Lima, OH office today at

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