James E. Urmin: A Dallas Franchise Attorney Who Can Make a Difference


Richardson, Texas – James Urmin is a Dallas franchise attorney with vast experience working with various aspects of vertical distribution and formats. His services extend from negotiating and drafting a franchise agreement to documenting compliance or non-compliance as appropriate. Although many potential franchise owners believe that buying a franchise is a clearly defined business move, there are many details along the way that will determine how successful the business has the potential to become for the individual franchise owner.

Attorney James Urmin (http://www.urminlaw.com/franchise-distribution/) has extensive legal experience as a Dallas franchise attorney, along with an accounting degree and MBA. These credentials provide him with the unique capabilities to help franchisors and franchisees with all areas of the business and the laws that apply. Some reasons to consider hiring a Dallas franchise attorney include:

•    Understanding the Legal Lingo – Each franchise purchase begins with the Franchise Disclosure Document which contains between 150 and 200 pages of important information about the franchise company. Only an experienced franchise attorney has the expertise to read and interpret the FDD to prevent the new owner from failing to meet their obligations resulting in termination of the franchise agreement.
•    The Business Starts to Fail – There are numerous reasons that a franchise business might fail, even though it isn’t the outcome any franchise buyer expects. It may be the franchisors fault, the fault of the franchisee, or simply an error in judgment in a business decision. A Dallas franchise attorney not only knows what to look for when preparing for the purchase, he can identify trouble areas that are damaging the business once it is underway.

•    To Negotiate Areas of Conflict – Many people believe that the terms of a franchise are carved in stone. In reality, while some areas are expected to be consistent across all of the franchise businesses, some areas are negotiable. No one is better suited to negotiating the terms of a franchise agreement than Dallas franchise attorney, James Urmin.

Buying a franchise business may seem black and white at first glance but a Dallas franchise attorney like James Urmin can see the subtle details that could end up being a problem later on.

About James E. Urmin Sr., P.C.

James E. Urmin Sr. (http://www.urminlaw.com) is a Texas-based attorney who provides experienced legal services to families and businesses throughout the state. Mr. Urmin offers mediation services to those clients who prefer a better option than litigation for resolving their dispute. Both businesses and families can benefit from the more peaceful and private process of litigation when they are concerned about personal and delicate issues they don’t want to share. James also offers services as a franchise lawyer, and in various areas of family law, collaborative law, and business. His skills in the courtroom and in mediation, combined with more than 25 years of experience, make him the right candidate for obtaining legal guidance and representation for a variety of situations.


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