PSG Lending – Trustworthy Hard Money Lenders in Baltimore

PSG Lending is one of the trustworthy companies for providing premier direct hard money in Baltimore, MD. They are the private money lenders and established in 2015 by an experienced team of mortgage banking professionals. Compared with other private money hard money lenders, they provide fast processing of loans with the lower interest rates. They are direct hard money lenders, so can approve your loans within a day.

Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders are private lending companies that offer a type of loan for properties. Also, they are providing loans for single and multi family, for land and for a commercial process. They can offer loans faster than banks. The process can be done within 72 hours. Having quickly underwritten the deal, they schedule a time to visit the property to conduct a quick walk-through to confirm the adequacy of the budget set for the project.

PSG Lending provide hard money loan to mid Atlantic states in US that includes the state of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Hard money lenders in other terms are, Private Lenders, Private Financing and Business Lending.

Loan Types in PSG Lending

PSG Lending offers wide variety of loan types including, Short-Term Bridge loans, Renovation / Rehab loans, New Construction loans, Condo Conversion & Development loans, Land Development & Subdivision Loan and Change of Use loans with non owner occupied property as collateral.

PSG Lending provide these loans to a borrower, who may have the property types including, Single family, 2-4 family or Multi-family, Commercial and Land. They make the loan application process as simple and easy for borrowers. They personally undertake all the approval process and important loan decisions.

About PSG Lending

PSG Lending is a well know hard money lenders in Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic area. They are direct hard money lenders, utilizing their own funds as capital with highly skilled banking professionals. Lending process is an efficient and timely manner. PSG Lending offers loans ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million. To know further information about hard money lenders in Baltimore, visit



400 W Franklin St., Suite 300

Baltimore, MD 21201

(917) 686-1915

(410) 861-2408

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