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Air Conditioner Installation

TKS Industrial offers a complete selection of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency cooling choices – up to 50 tons – featuring essentially the most advanced, most reliable compressors in the sector.
TKS Industrial
As one of many world’s major companies of custom central air cooling and heating systems, TKS styles and builds a complete line of industrial and industrial AC products about the globe. When buying a brand new industrial air conditioning of huge HVAC air handling program, believe TKS Green Technologies. Get much more details about Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial Air Handling

Incorporating the best airside solutions into a HVAC air handling technique is actually a vital part of creating world-class efficiency. By assisting you choose the correct air handling program, TKS can help address indoor air top quality problems for example temperature and humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria, other particulate matter, and noise.

Irrespective of whether you need basic comfort cooling or a custom-designed part of a sophisticated HVAC technique, a TKS-designed air conditioning and air handling technique, combined with substantial encounter developing custom solutions, can provide the best solution for your demands.

Green Technologies

Our GT division is our biggest small business unit globally. GT systems operates a Building HVAC business that styles, fabricates, and installs HVAC systems about the world for office creating, stadiums, hospitals, government, purchasing malls, as well as other huge buildings. The GT group also commissions and repairs air conditioning and commerical HVAC systems for:

World-class sports stadiums

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