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Ilex Law is one of the leading immigration law firms in Washington DC, United States. They have an expert legal team of immigration lawyers for providing the latest and comprehensive immigration services. At Ilex Law firm, they are providing a free consultation on immigration services for individuals, families and businesses in the United States or anywhere around the world.

Ilex Law offers the services for family based immigration, employment based immigration, employment based non-immigration and other visa services. Their immigration fee structure is varied based on different immigration services. They have a unique ability to manage immigration law and also they don’t neglect any one of their clients and provide personalized service to each client.

Immigration Services

Whether immigration needs are large or small, Ilex Law provides immigration services that help the people who are engaged in any immigration issues. Their immigration services include:

  • US Green Cards
  • OPT and CPT
  • Labor Certification
  • Work Visas (H visas, L visas, J-1 visas, F-1 visas, Religious worker visas)
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Naturalization

US Immigration Law

Under US Immigration Law, citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States or intends to work in the US must need a specific visa. If a person willing to work in the U.S. temporarily as a non-immigrant (not a green card holder), then he must have a visa based on the type of work. U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must approve your petition and after only you can apply for a work visa.

If a person intends to work in the United States for a fixed period of time, then he needs a temporary worker visa. This allows temporary work visa holders can legally work in the US for a particular time and not permanent. Visas without validity date are called immigrant visas. When USCIS approves an immigrant visa, the person may receive a green card. Ilex Law will assist you from filing a petition for work visas to the immigration process.

About Ilex Law

Ilex Law is one the best immigration law firms in Washington, DC. With the skilled and experienced immigration attorneys, they are providing high quality immigration services in the least amount of time. They handle all immigration process within your budget and guide through the process efficiently. To know more information about immigration law, visit



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