The Best Family Law Attorney in Sanford, NC

Family – It’s what keeps everyone happy, which means it can be devastating when people have family law issues that they have to face. When going through a divorce especially, there are many things that must be considered, including child custody, support and even alimony. While the thought of involving another party can seem stressful for some families, getting a trustworthy family law attorney is very important. Susan Fiendel ( is an experienced family law attorney who works with families every single day to make the best decisions for them and to help them progress in their lives.

Domestic abuse can be very daunting to talk about, but it still counts as a family issue in many cases. This issue is a very serious one and it is extremely important that it gets the upmost amount of attention from an attorney. Susan Fiendel understands that domestic abuse can be very damaging for the victim – she shows compassion towards her clients and makes sure that they get the very best results. She is determined and will not back down until her clients are happy.

Another aspect of family law is adoption. This can be a very rough and bumpy process; so many people need a very knowledgeable attorney to help them through it. The process can be extremely complicated; so many people struggle to understand all of the legal conditions that come with it. This is why it is important to hire Susan Fiendel, the best family law attorney in Sanford. She works closely with her clients to make sure they understand the process that they are going through and that they do everything completely legally to make sure nothing goes wrong.

About Susan Fiendel
Susan Fiendel works for Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Fiendel & Lucas LLP. She is one of the most experienced family law attorneys in Sanford and has a broad scope of knowledge and a wide skill set, meaning she can work with almost any topic within family law. Fiendel has a brilliant success rate and cares for her clients personally, making sure they understand everything that is going on and that they get the best possible solution for them. Because of her knowledge, experience and passion, many people believe she is the best family law attorney in the whole of Sanford.


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