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Giving Clients Better Outcomes on Both Sides of the Issue

Allentown, Pennsylvania – When couples who are also parents get divorced, there are a number of issues to be worked out. When these decisions are made by a judge in a courtroom trial, the best interests of the child are not always considered. Even when the judge attempts to make the best decision for the child, it is difficult to do without understand the unique situation of the specific family. One area of conflict is often child support.  In most cases, the custodial parent who is receiving child support does not think they are receiving enough while the parent who is paying thinks the payments are too high. Mediation provides an opportunity for parents to work together to get the best solution for the child.

The issues surrounding child support in Allentown PA (http://www.eidelmanassoc.com/child-support-litigators-mediators-allentown-pa/) do not start and end in the courtroom or when the divorce is final. Every family changes as children grow older. The finances of either parent may change, as do the needs of the child. Once a decision has been made about child support in Allentown PA, changes may have to be negotiated when these changes take place.

If a parent begins to have difficulty meeting the child support payments or they simply stop paying, the paying parent could face severe consequences. It is better if they request a hearing to reconsider the terms of their child support in Allentown PA. If they are not making as much money or they have gained financial obligations, the amount of the payments may be reduced. This is also an issue that can be worked out through mediation without paying high fees for a court hearing that doesn’t allow the participants to maintain control over the outcome.

The professionals at Eidelman & Associates have the expertise and a genuine desire to get their clients and their children the best possible outcome. When negotiating child support in Allentown PA, the mediation process allows both parties to retain control of the final decision. In a courtroom, the decision of the judge is binding and often doesn’t reflect the wishes of either party. The help of a skilled mediator can make the difference in the speed, cost, and efficiency of the outcome.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates (http://www.eidelmanassoc.com) has become a trusted law firm for individuals who need a divorce attorney in Allentown PA due to their individual approach to divorce. Founder J.B. Eidelman has more than thirty years of experience as a divorce mediator and attorney. The firm is often the law firm of choice for complex divorce cases including high net worth. The attorney’s unique approach to each case and the combination of compassion and aggression used get the best possible outcome for clients who are undergoing one of the most traumatic events of their lives.

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