Francis L. Carter Offers Experienced Services as a Miami Mediator

Clients Achieve Faster, More Affordable Resolutions

Miami, Florida – Mr. Carter has experience as a Miami mediator in a broad range of areas. His areas of specialty include:

•    Civil Commercial Business Litigation – As a Miami mediator, Mr. Carter ( recognizes the need of clients to settle their disputes with as little input of their time and money as possible. Through mediation, he is able to prevent them from spending a great deal of both on the litigation process. Mediation will lead to a fast resolution instead of tying up the courts for years.
•    Business Divorces – There are different types of business partnerships that offer the involved parties many opportunities for dispute. When there is no hope of a civil resolution and the partners “divorce”, negotiation or litigation may be the best resolution. Depending on the situation, Mr. Carter can guide clients on whether Miami mediation is the best process for the case.
•    Contract Dispute Resolution – When two or more parties have a dispute about a contract, a skilled mediator can guide them on the law, the terms of the contract, and their options for reaching a fast resolution. If they are unable to come to an agreement, they still have the option to go to trial.
•    Foreclosures & Lien Contests – This is another area where a variety of disputes can arise with each case being someone unique from the last. Francis Carter explains to clients that even the simplest cases can become complex when there are multiple parties making a claim or contesting an interest. Working with an experienced Miami mediator with an in-depth knowledge of Florida law like Francis Carter is essential to the outcome of the case.

Miami Mediator

Miami Mediator

The first step towards determining the best process for any case is through a consultation. Mr. Carter will evaluate each situation and determine whether mediation is the best process or whether a different approach is likely to produce the best results.

There are many advantages to using a Miami Mediator to guide parties through dispute resolution including lower costs, faster settlements, and a more private process. To enjoy these benefits, choosing a professional mediator with the skills and knowledge needed for the case is the most important decision the business will make. For businesses and organizations in Miami, Florida, Francis L. Carter is the first choice for a Miami mediator.

About Francis L. Carter, PA

Francis L. Carter ( is a mediator and settlement counselor in commercial civil and bankruptcy cases in Miami, Florida. Mr. Carter is listed as one of the Best Lawyers in America and he has taken on the role of mediator in hundreds of bankruptcy and civil business cases. As a settlement counselor, Mr. Carter serves as advocate or consultant to other counsel to assist them in developing a settlement strategy and to conduct settlement negotiations. In addition, he frequently speaks to financial, legal, real estate, and financial groups.

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