Are you Looking for a Relaxing Massage?

There are many different types of massage and each one serves a slightly different purpose.  Many of the modern massage techniques originated in Asia and center around the idea that energy flows around the body and it must be channeled in the right direction to allow the body to heal and function properly.  However, there are some massage techniques which are based upon a western approach; these tend to focus on relieving aches and pains by massaging the deep tissues in the body.  Swedish massage is the basic form of western massage techniques.  It can be gentle and mild or rough and aggressive.  The decision as to which type of massage is required is generally decided by you, the client.  However, it is possible to leave this decision to your masseuse as they will react according to your body’s needs.

CaryTown massage ( are pleased to offer a wide variety of massages, you can choose from the most relaxing option of a Swedish massage to a more exotic experience at the hands of a hot stone specialist.  No matter which option you choose you can be sure that your massage will be completed by highly skilled staffs which are well trained and eager to provide you with the best possible experience.

This is an important consideration when looking for a massage center; you must select a place which has a well established reputation and has massage therapists who are capable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable regarding their specialist massage type.  This Richmond, VA firm can even provide a couple’s massage to help you and your loved one relax together and enjoy a few moments or intimacy.  CaryTown Massage understands the importance of quality time and can provide a sensitive environment which will allow couples to bond whilst receiving one of the most relaxing massages in the vicinity.

About CaryTown massage

Although this massage center was only established in 2016 it has already become the most respected and trusted facility offering Swedish massage in Richmond, VA.  It also offers a wide variety of other massages, some of which are not as well known but are still excellent experiences.  The friendly and professional staff at the center will talk you through any massage treatment you are interested in and book your appointment with you.  The service from the moment you arrive is exemplary; all the staff are attentive, responsive and genuinely have your best interests at heart.  As well as offering relaxing massages they can provide therapeutic and healing massages.  To find out more visit their website;  Alternatively you can call them on 804-396-6451

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