Pamela Breedlove A Divorce Attorney in Bossier City LA Who Offers Skilled Family Mediation

Bossier City, Louisiana – For many couples who are preparing to go through their first divorce, the decision about which divorce attorney in Bossier City LA to hire, is an important consideration. For those who are about to go through a second divorce, that decision is probably an even greater priority. A good way to prevent making the same mistake that many other spouses make during their first divorce is to hire a divorce attorney in Bossier City LA who offers family mediation as an alternative to litigation.

The Breedlove Law Firm ( makes mediation an option for disputing parties to give clients a better option for resolving their divorce. This process allows spouses to present the issues in their divorce case that concern them the most and discuss their concerns in a peaceful and respectful setting. There are many reasons for giving divorce mediation a try including:
• Paying Less
• Saves Time
• Allows the Involved Parties to Determine the Final Outcome
• Preserves Parental Relationships

There are many different areas of concern with nearly every divorce. The partition of property, custom, support, spousal support, and many other unique situations require the expertise of a divorce attorney in Bossier City LA who is familiar with the laws and the sensitive issues that make finding a resolution difficult.

Many divorces become more complex as a result of the relationships and ownership of assets that are entangled within the marriage. It is also all too common for couples to let their emotions take control of their divorce proceeding and make finding a resolution more challenging than it really has to be. Divorce mediation is a much simpler process that allows the spouses to express their concerns and look for fair resolutions that are based on reason and not emotion.

Peaceful methods of legal dispute resolution are a good alternative that work for many couples. If they don’t, they still have the option to go to court and settle the divorce through litigation. A skilled and experienced divorce attorney in Bossier City LA from Breedlove Law Firm will provide the services needed to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

About Breedlove Law Firm
Pamela N. Breedlove is an attorney at Breedlove Law Firm ( in Bossier City, Louisiana. Attorney Breedlove practices in a number of legal areas including family law, civil and family mediation, health care law, municipal law, will and successions. Pamela has been practicing law in Louisiana and Georgia since 1992, beginning with primarily litigation services. Her education and training includes that in the areas of conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation. Serving as a mediator for divorcing couples has allowed Ms. Breedlove to help preserve relationships between divorced spouses so that they can continue to work as partners in parenting their children.

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