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Stamford, Connecticut – Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are increasingly being used by individuals and businesses as a means to settle disputes quickly, at a lower cost, and without the hostility that often occurs with litigation. Steven A. Certilman has more than three decades of experience providing arb-med in New York for businesses and corporations, particularly those in the areas of:
• Information Technology (IT)
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Internet
• E-Commerce and Internet Law
• Software Development and Licensing

The arb-med New York services offered by Steven A. Certilman (http// allow businesses to get back to work faster. When those businesses that rely on each other for their supplies, purchases, or manufacturing processes disagree about some area of their business arrangement or in a contract, they need to find a way of resolving their dispute without disrupting their business arrangement. Both arbitration and mediation are forms of alternative dispute resolution that differ in one significant way; the mediation process allows the parties to retain control of the final decision while arbitration puts the final decision in the hands of the arbitrator.

A consultation with Steven A. Certilman will provide potential clients with the information they need to decide whether arb-med in New York is the right choice for settling their dispute. Either of these processes will make settling their dispute faster and more affordable while also allowing them to decide what documents to share and those that they prefer to keep private. The greater flexibility for maintaining privacy is a feature of ADR that is especially appealing to those businesses that are concerned with their private data.

Any time a business chooses arb-med in New York over litigation, the choice of a neutral to guide the process is a very important one. The more than three decades of experience that Mr. Certilman brings to the table makes him a much more reliable neutral. This feature means that the opposing parties are more likely to determine the best options for a resolution and a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved.

About Steven A. Certilman
Steven A. Certilman (http// has more than thirty years of experience solving legal problems as a general corporate and commercial attorney across a wide range of areas for businesses and organizations in a broad range of industries. Steven’s law firm is committed to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including mediation to provide commercial and business clients the expense and time investment that goes into litigation. In addition to his experience as an attorney, he has also devoted much of his time as a chairman, panelist, or sole arbitrator in over two hundred domestic and international commercial disputes. His experience as a mediator also extends to more than fifty cases.
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