Top Medical and Legal Malpractice Mediators in Arkansas

Malpractice: it’s not something you come across every day. Malpractice occurs when a professional, such as an attorney or a nurse, does something that causes harm someone. When people are faced with malpractice, often they feel like they’re not in a good enough position to challenge what the professional has done. The mediators at Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC, work with both parties involved to come to a suitable solution that is fair. They consider all angles of the situation in order to make sure the process is done as fairly as possible.

It can be hard facing a courtroom battle, especially when it’s against a legal professional – this can occur when someone faces legal malpractice. The difficulties attached to this, along with the potential humiliation and the fear of losing the case means many people in Arkansas are choosing to have their case professionally mediated instead. Mediation includes an attorney (who will act as a mediator) and all of the parties who are involved. The mediators at Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC (, believe that mediation is an effective way to solve disputes and can benefit all parties involved.

Medical and legal malpractices are huge issues but people often don’t realize that they can challenge the approaches that these professionals have taken. Many people find that challenging a professional can put a lot of pressure on them and can be discouraging, which is why they need a friendly face – a good mediator to help them through the process. Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC has a team of professional mediators who carry out their mediations in a comfortable, friendly environment so it isn’t daunting and doesn’t get nasty. The mediators care about the cases that they are presented with and work on them until there is a fair solution.

About Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC is a team of attorneys who work specifically in mediating. The mediators work in a huge variety of different areas, including contracts, divorce, personal injury and products liability. The team is extremely friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and is the friendly mediating faces of Arkansas. They have extremely high success rates and never leave a case until it has the result that it really deserves – these mediators are determined and some people think their determination is exactly what makes them the best mediators in Arkansas.

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