A review of Dram Shop Regulation

A “dram shop” is legal term unique to the US. It refers to any establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages. Many states have statutes that make such an institution responsible for any injuries suffered or inflicting by a person who has illegally bought alcohol from them, or dram shop laws.

This seems like a strange notion to a lot of people who believe in holding everyone responsible for their own activities, even the highly inebriated. Here is a brief review of our country’s dram shop laws and their historic origins, to provide some context for these laws, which might help explain the reasoning behind them. browse this site – Phoenix Dram Shop Liability Attorney

What Exactly Do Dram Shop Laws Say?

In some states a company is not responsible for any damage caused by among their customers that are intoxicated. In order to be held legally liable, they have to sell controlled drinks in an illegal way. The exact laws differ by state, but in general it really is prohibited for companies to:

Sell booze to an individual under the age of 21
Continue serving drinks to a person who’s visibly inebriated
Neglect to honor regulations about the hours of operation for bars or liquor stores
It is important to note that in some states the sale will not even have to be illegal.

The institution could face a suit filed by the injured third party if an establishment breaks this law and the intoxicated person in question causes harm to himself or a third party. In some states, an individual may even sue for injuries.

Additional limitations are included by other states than the ones outlined about. In some areas a business can be held liable for serving drinks to someone who’s “habitually drunk.” A company can even be used for vulgar or offensive behavior from intoxicated customers.

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