The Law Offices of Peter J. Russo: Divorce Lawyers in Mechanicsburg PA Who Will Fight for You

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – One thing that the majority of divorces have in common is that the parties become highly emotional. The end of the marriage can make them feel disappointed and sad while they may also feel angry because they blame the other spouse. Sometimes couples start out in agreement about how the divorce should proceed but end up finding an area of disagreement that leads into a volatile situation. This is one reason that couples should hire separate divorce lawyers in Mechanicsburg PA who will represent their rights without the conflict of the other spouse.

Divorce has become a common occurrence in society today. Although it was considered taboo in the past, couples today who have become unhappy with their marriage are more comfortable with the idea of ending the marriage and moving forward with their lives. Even when the divorce itself is not a matter of contention between the two spouses, the many issues involved in a divorce case can be. They may disagree on how their assets should be divided, who should have custody of the children, and which of them should retain ownership of their home. Every marriage is unique and so is the process by which it ends. Hiring knowledgeable, experienced divorce lawyers in Mechanicsburg PA who understand the laws and the ways they apply to each specific case will make it easier to understand how the case should proceed forward.

In addition to the highly skilled divorce lawyers in Mechanicsburg PA, the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo ( also offer mediation as an alternative form of divorce resolution. Through mediation, couples can achieve a faster, cheaper divorce that is less stressful for them and their children. If the mediation fails to result in a resolution, then the couple can go forward with litigation. When they do, they want a lawyer who will fight for their rights in the courtroom to get everything that they have a right to. A good place to start is with a consultation with the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo to discuss the issues of the case and exactly what the person can expect once the case moves forward.

About the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo

The Law Offices of Peter J. Russo ( are family law attorneys with more than 20 years of combined experience. They are active leaders in the family law community through the Pennsylvania and Cumberland County Bar Associations and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. They provide services in a broad range of areas under family law including divorce, child custody and support, adoption, and asset protection. When urgent family matters arise, clients can count on the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo to respond with an efficient, effective legal strategy and attentive services that will achieve the best response.

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